In 2005 the IGA National Board instigated a review of the in-store scanning systems used in IGA stores as the IGA Board recognised the difficulties of competing against the large multiple chains and ensuring IGA was in a position to continue to offer great value categories with first-class customer service – business efficiencies in a tough competitive market needed to be maintained & where possible improved.

After the review was completed, an “IGA Back Office Software & Systems Policy” was established; further to that initiative, vendors that satisfied the policy requirement of having “software-based” Point of Sale (PC POS) systems with an associated back-office system were identified as having the capability to support the IGA programme.

These vendors received the IGA Retail Technology POS & BOS Accreditation.

GaP Solutions were very pleased to be one of the original vendors selected, as can be seen by our continued commitment to developing and making available ‘best in class’ retail software covering; POS, back-office retail management, shop floor scanning and unique retail innovation - we are determined to continue with this strategy and lead the way in our field.

The addition of Trott Park IGA to our group has further increased our involvement with the IGA community and has provided even more opportunity to meet with & discuss retailers operational needs and wishes; we readily take on these idea’s and work hard at adding sensible, easy to use retail functionality.

GaP Solutions – delivering retail POS technology to support the competitiveness of IGA retailers.