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From commercial bread production to artisanal pastries, GaP Solutions supports bakers of all kinds across Australia with leading brands, expert knowledge and a large selection of commercial bakery machines and equipment. Whether your bakery requires an oven, a mixer or even specialized plant GaP Solutions have the product for you.

Tagliavini Rack Oven

Rotovent and Rotor by Tagliavini


ROTOR is the result of a well-studied advanced technology. Baking is obtained through the circulation of clean and ventilated air, which is conveyed and distributed to the chamber by means of adjustable ducts. The baking is on trays, which are stored on a rotating trolley. The product to be baked is liked up uniformily by the ventilated air, thus providing perfect baking. It is suitable for baking bread and pastries of different kind and size. It is compact - overall dimensions are extremely limited, when compared to its production capacity. The oven can be gas-fired, gas oil fired or supplied with electric power. The heat exchanger has been renewed in its structure and made stronger. Exploiting the horizontal air circulation, the oven has an important reduction of consumption. 

The oven's electronic control units include: 

  • Digital thermoregulation with temperature stabilizer
  • Digital timer with acoustic signal
  • Manually and automatically control baking chamber light and aspirator hood control
  • Manual and automatic steam control (with split emission for improved and enhanced steam production)
  • Large red digital display of the actual temperature of the baking chamber
  • White-blue high-contrast LCD display for all the baking and programming functions
  • Weekly programmer for automatic daily start-up
  • A computerised digital control panel that also allows the storing of 99 programs. Can be supplied upon request
  • Each baking program allows for the following parametersto be automatically adjusted: 
    - Temperatures
    - Partial baking times
    - Steam emissions
    - Change of baking air speed (optional)
    - Automatic opening and closing of steam discharge valves (optional)
  • The computerised digital control also has a pre-heating programthat allows baking temperatures to be reached quickly
  • the electric panel is fitted inside the front tower of the oven with an IP55 protection level and is dust and water resistant (excluding the eternally fitted RT665 Model)



Being able to listen to the market and its increasingly specific needs has always been our company's guiding philosophy. Once again, Tagliavini has created a new model oven, dedicated to all our customers who, like us, consider compact size, versatility and energy savings to be core values.

Avaliable in electric or combustion versions ROTOVENT utilizes convection technology with three high capacity fans. Its rotating trolley guarantees perfectly-distributed and homogeneous baking. ROTEVENT is the perfect marriage of high-level productivity and production flexibility. Extremely small and compact, this oven has also been designed for bread and pastry makers with limited production space. With an energy savings of 30% compared with quality products on the market, this oven proudly takes its place in the TAGLIAVINI line of low energy consumption models. 

the oven's electric control unit is equipped with: 

  • Digital temperature control with temperature stabilizer
  • Digital baking timer with acoustic signal 
  • Exhaust hood and oven light control
  • Steam feed control
  • Large, red-digit display of oven temperature
  • High-contrast white/blue LCD display for all baking functions
  • Weekly and daily programmer for oven start-up

On request, a computerized digital control panel can be provided which makes it possible to store 99 baking files that automatically handle the following parameters: 

  • Temperature
  • Partial baking times
  • Steam injection
  • Regulation of baking air speed
  • Automatic opening and closing of the steam exhaust valve


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