WATER DOSING EQUIPMENT: Accurate down to the very last drop!

How do you consistently get just the right amount of water into your dough to make it perfect? Easy, with Baktec's water dosing solutions you need not worry, because pin-point precision is at the tip of your fingers.

Most of Baktec's water dosers, except for its entry level doser (ECONOMIC S), even offer an optional remote control, a pate dough temperature meter and an automatic timer. All digital water dosers can be equipped with these tools to make your job a lot easier! Baktec water mixing-and-dosing meters have a tried-and-proven technological advantage and ensure the right quantity of water at the right temperature.

So it doesn't matter if you own a small artisanal bakery or a large industrial bakery; Baktec's scaleable solutions make water mixing-and-dosing a piece of cake!

Baktec Water Meters Specifications

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