A35FG Manual Heavy Duty Gear Drive Slicer

ASFG SlicerThe Brice A35FG manual slicer is a gear-driven, heavyduty powerhouse that takes the hard work out of slicing. An ideal slicer for restaurants, caterers, medium/large kitchens and delicatessens.

The large dimensions of the receiving plate permit complete freedom in slice accumulation. Along with the model's other features, this makes these machines some of the most functional on the market.

Product Details

  • Manufactured in anodised aluminium and stainless steel to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids.
  • Micrometric adjusting knob for cutting of slices up to 21mm.
  • Designed for heavy-workload environments.
  • Self contained inbuilt and shielded sharpening device.
  • Large cutting capacity slices Champagne ham, soccerball ham, roasts and silverside.


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