Tecnofry Benchtop Fryer

TecnofryTecnofry is a cleverly constructed stainless steel fryer features a sealed frying chamber and an inbuilt active charcoal exhaust filtering system.

The risk of operator burns as the lockable front door seals the oil chamber. The product loading drawer has a 500gm capacity, making it perfect for portion control.

At only 62cm² footprint this compact fryer will fit perfectly into even the smallest of kitchens.


Product Details

  • Cabinet constructed of insulated stainless steel, maintains a relatively low surface heat.
  • Control Panel with 4 Pre-programmable fryer settings.
  • Internal parts easily removed for cleaning.
  • Inbuilt Active Charcoal Filters mean no need for external extraction.
  • A sophisticated suction filtration system is fitted helping eliminate hot oil cooking odours.
  • Single phase; 15amp power

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