Fri-Jado Rotisserie Oven

Succulent, tender meat, the blend of crispy, flavorsome skin. Nothing gets mouths watering and draws more shoppers in then the aroma of perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken wafting through a store.

With fri-jado’s range of programmable, manual and self-cleaning rotisserie ovens any store can add the theatre of fresh, hot chicken to their daily offerings.


Top features 

  • Efficient heat transfer reduces energy consumption 
  • Cook correction to control food safety

  • Eco-cooking, saves on energy consumption 

Standard characteristics 

  • Configurable Meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions 

  • Rotor for high volume batches
  • USB connection for easy transfer of data and programs 

  • Boost functionality to add extra time 

  • Outstanding food quality: high-speed convection for even cooking 

  • Outstanding food quality: radiant heat for uniform browning 

  • Striking cooking theatre due to large glass surface and brilliant lighting 

  • Safety stop when opening the door 

  • No water and drain connections needed 


  • Double stacked unit 
  • Ventless hood 
  • Meat forks (included)

  • Multi-purpose baskets

  • V-spits and chicken racks 
  • Matching stand on castors