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FP35/50 Cutter/Mixers

FP50 CutterThe FP35/50 Cutter/Mixers are a hard-working, machine designed to chop, slice, emulsify, whip and knead a wide range of foodstuffs.


Product Details

  • Heavy Duty Motor coupled with high-speed gearing for optimum results.
  • Variable speed motor available on FPV50 model only.
  • Mechanical interlocks prevent the machine operating if the bowl and/or safety cover are not locked in place.
  • Clear safety cover permits close supervision of the process during operation.
  • Chops all types of meat, pate, terrine, meatloaf etc
  • Slices all types of vegetables: onions, carrots, garlic, mushrooms, etc.
  • Emulsifies all types of mayonnaise, puree, sauces, creams, etc.
  • Kneads all types of pastry: pizza dough, pasta, cakes, etc.
  • Opening in cover allows addition of other foodstuffs. Seals with included dispenser stopper.
  • Bowl features a thermal base to maintain ideal working temperatures, hot or cold. Permits processing of foodstuff direct from stove top or freezer


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