Zummo Juicers

Zummo - Z22


High-performance juicer for fruits and vegetables with pulp tank fitted.

High productivity, the 18/10 stainless steel blade with a large surface and micro slots generates the most pulp in the market, producing more juice with up to 6% more fibre than other brands, making the juiceless "watery" texture while being more tasty and healthy.


Robust powerful and silent, its based natural rubber feet allow the complete absorption of small vibrations which can be produced by the random placement of the pulp on the filter.

Recommended for:

  • Recommended for all fruits and vegetables


Zummo - Z14 Contactless

Discover Contactless Juicing

The Z14 Nature Contactless model is the best choice.

The Z14 Nature version has a payment system that activates the machine, squeezing the juice right then. And the user witnesses the entire process! That is why it is the ideal option for your office, OCS, co-working spaces, grocerants, convenience stores or hotel lobbies. z14 Contactless Juicing

Zummo - Z14 Self Service

The Z14 juicer is the right equipment for those businesses registering a high juice consumption.

Additional autonomy can be obtained thanks to its large basket and waste bins. This is a key aspect for buffets, restaurants and the retail sector.

(Cabinet not included).


Recommended for:

  • Self Service Outlets such as Supermarkets and Greengrocers where the customer serve themselves by pressing the tap.
  • Medium ConsumptionZ14X self service

Zummo - Z6

The Z6 is the Zummo's most versatile model.


Any kind of citrus fruit can be squeezed, even pomegranates. It is a great choice for those businesses seeking to offer original fruit juice blends and a larger variety of fresh fruit juices.

Now with Automatic Pulp Filter

Recommended for : 

  • Establishments where space is limited, serving more than 30 juices a day.
  • Medium consumption

Z06X NGP feature

Zummo - Z1

Z1 is the baby of the family, a perfect solution for smaller establishments turning over up to 30 juices per day.

The machine can squeeze 6.5 pieces of fruit per minute by mimicking the hand-squeezing process, meaning you're serving up the best flavour, fast! It has been designed by the most effective and profitable solution for businesses with a juice consumption of fewer than 30 glasses per day. The Z1 machine can be cleaned in just 6 minutes - best of all, most of the parts are dishwasher friendly

Recommended for:

  • The establishment where space is limited, serving up to 30 juices a day
  • Medium/Low consumption Z1X NGP

Zummo - Z40

The Z40 is the perfect juicer to satisfy the needs of the mass catering industry and large retail outlets.

Up to 40 fruits per minute can be squeezed, which enables you toZ40 PORTADA have a large amount of juice in a very short time. Typical peaks in demand registered by these businesses can be handled with the Z40 juicer.

This model comes with an automatic pulp filter.


Recommended for: 

  • Establishments where consumption is high
  • Juice Bars
  • Supermarkets
  • Green Grocers
  • Commercial Juicing