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FAST CHEF ELITE is a commercial grade, portable fryer. The enclosed design of the Fast Chef Elite negates the need for a canopy and increases safety for kitchen staff. The Fast Chef Elite fries both conventional products and finger food with the same efficiency, and can be used for fresh, frozen, sweet, salty, traditional, Mediterranean, exotic or gourmet foods with the same level of quality.

The high production of Fast Chef Elite is appropriate for providing services for supermarkets, take away, fast food establishments, traditional restaurants, casual dining, cafes, tapas bars, catering, and service stations, etc.

QUALITY. Thanks to very advanced technology, Fast Chef Elite achieves exquisite flavours, improving those obtained through traditional frying. Its advanced filtering system extracts water and active particles from the oil, to achieve perfect, healthy frying without a mixture of flavours.


No Smoke

No Canopy

No Flavour Contamination

No Worries





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