GaP Solutions is launching its equipment demonstration kitchen, with the first cooking and demonstration event on Wednesday the 26 May, with two sessions happening at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm

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A schedule of further dates is already in place to run throughout June, July, Aug and Sept all focusing on helping operators improve their profit margins.

Stephen Hill, Business Development Manager, GaP Solutions said: “After what seems like an eternity, in planning and developing the demonstration kitchen, delays due to Covid, we are finally ready! Our demo kitchen is open, and we will be inviting our suppliers and well-known industry chefs alike to showcase new technology and provide solutions to issues they may be experiencing within their businesses.

“We’ll be following strict Covid protocols and will need to limit the number of people that we can have at the events, but it will be absolutely great to see people again and demonstrate in person how our equipment can help businesses get back on track.”

Our first event will focus on Merrychef and Rancilio, including the new single-phase power Merrychef. Attendees will be able to see the equipment in action and understand how it could assist them in reducing customer waiting times, improve product quality, reduce shrinkage, and reduce electricity cost.

Stephen added: “We are particularly excited to offer special pricing on the Merrychef to all attendees at our launch event.”

To attend, please register now!

For more information contact Stephen Hill on stephenh@gapsolutions.com.au or Cornelia Freysen at Corneliaf@gapsolutions.com.au


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The annual South Australia Food - Beverage - Tech Trade Show will showcase South Australia's best and most innovative food and beverage products alongside the latest in food and beverage point of sale and food processing technology. We invite all to be part of South Australia's only dedicated food, beverage tech trade show.

Jointly presented by GaP Solutions and Food SA, this show is for decision-makers in retail, food service, convenience and government procurement.

See and sample the latest products from some of SA's best-known brands and meet the new kids on the block - the emerging SA businesses responding to dynamic consumer demands with innovative new products. 

The trade show will also host the Annual Regional Baking Association of Australia Competition, with all winners to be announced on the Tuesday of the Trade Show. 

Open to commercial bakers, in both baking and catering outlets, as well as students and apprentices, the annual Baking Show gives industry the opportunity to showcase their loaves of bread, pies, cakes and pastries – as well as for the first time in SA, Hot Cross Buns – both traditional and innovative, with great prizes up for grabs (as well as bragging rights), thanks to our SA Baking Show sponsors. 

The full Baking Show Schedule and Entry form will be available at www.baa.asn.au in February 2021. Attendees can enjoy watching the live judging on Tuesday the 2nd March 2021 from 10:00 am, and the presentation of winners medals will take place on Wednesday 3rd March. 

Register now and make the South Australia food - Beverage - Tech Trade Show your one-stop shop for up to date information, latest trends and networking opportunity relating to South Australia's food, beverage and tech industry can offer. 

Reward and Voucher cards play a key role in your marketing strategy and have the potential to maximise you Christmas Trading! So many retailers are missing out on the potential turnover that can be created during the festive season by not utilising their reward and voucher card systems correctly.


Following a year of unprecedented change and adjustments for all retailers. The correct reward or voucher card strategy can have the potential to increase your turnover as well as increase your customer loyalty base. While the opportunity for vouchers and rewards have a wide range and potentially high impact, many retailers are not utilising it to the full. Many retailers are offering a disconnected experience whereby vouchers or rewards are only able to be purchased or redeemed in-store or online but never both.

Don't complicate your customers' experience by applying to many rules and regulations in the claiming process.  Focus on creating a connected omnichannel experience for your customers, allowing them freedom and choice to claim vouchers and rewards.

First stop, let's look at promotional vouchers to your current reward card clients.

Promotional vouchers are great to use for targeted marketing campaigns. Identified a particular segment of your customer base, provide them with an incentive to revisit your store. The goal is to get your customers to spend more than the amount you're giving away for free. Your options are endless. It could be customers who have purchased a specific product or spent a particular amount in a certain amount of time. You can even use promotional vouchers for retargeting abandoned cart on your online store. Your redemption rate can measure the true success of promotional vouchers. Ask yourself if your promotional coupon has true or enough value to drive the required behaviour.

Your promotion should be valuable for the selected segment. If your customers aren't redeeming your vouchers, you're not driving the behaviour and the increase in spending that you were aiming for. You may run the risk of accumulating non-redeemed vouchers on your balance sheet.
Because of this, you must offer your customers the chance to redeem these vouchers via multiple channels for their convenience. Both online and in-store should be an option; otherwise, you are creating friction and reducing your redemption rates. If you complicate the experience, you increase your chance of disinterest from the customers' side.

Retailers fail to do this all the time, mostly because their instore and online channels and systems are not set up to enable cross-channel voucher redemption. Though it may take some time and investment, with the right system, you can make it standard that promotional vouchers that can be issued and redeemed through any channel.

According to RBR London reports relating to Global EPOS and Self-Checkout in 2020, Asia Pacific has shown a growth of 32% in Self-Checkout Shipments.

With the current international climate and COVID – 19 pandemic the shift toward self-service is even greater. The need to keep close interaction to a minimum between staff and customers as well as labour shortages in various regions internationally.

It was announced in March that the Australian government would be increasing the instant asset write-off (IAWO) threshold from $30,000 to $150,000 for eligible assets from the 12th of March to the 30th of June – this end date will now be extended by six months.