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On Friday the 7th of April the annual IGA Awards of Excellence were held at Adelaide Oval to recognise the dedication, innovation and effort of independent supermarket retailers from across South Australian and the Northern Territory. For 25 years GaP Solutions have produly been supporting IGA and it's retailers and it was an honour to once again attend the night and mix with a deserving bunch of nominees and winners. From the team at GaP we would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners from the night and also the wider IGA community who continue to provide a high level retail option whilst supporting their local community and economy


2017 IGA Awards of Excellence SA/NT Winners 

Upgrading your business’ plant and equipment can be a quick way to boost profits, however the price of new machinery can be prohibitive for many. Luckily GaP Solutions stock a wide range second hand equipment, allowing owners a more viable avenue to expand their operations with heavily discounted prices on clearance and second hand commercial catering, kitchen and baking equipment. All equipment is fully refurbished with second hand items having been tested and inspected by our technicians. All sales are covered by a 3-month warranty


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When dealing with high involvement purchases such as retail solutions and equipment, owners and managers must look further than the initial purchase price in order to evaluate true value.

In the age of extended trading hours and 7 day opens, before examining costings, retailers should begin by dissecting the after sales service being offered complimentary to the purchase. Even the world’s best software and equipment is bound to have glitches and teething problems – especially in new stores – and it’s in these times of fault which the true value of an offering becomes evident.

Bearing this in mind we have identified the four key reasons why after sales support is one of the most important considerations of a purchase process.


Since the new year a spate of businesses has reported unprecedented levels of attempted ransomware intrusions. In 2016 nearly 3,000 businesses fell victim to ransomware and some estimates suggest one in every 30 businesses will be targeted each year. Sadly, at GaP we are seeing a growing number of business falling victim to these scams which could be easily avoided through simple security protocols.



The efficiency mindset is vital in the adoption of your POS Solution

Humans are naturally resistant to change; however, when your staff can see the benefits of the change such as less errors, less time troubleshooting problems & overall quicker processing they are open to learning something new, something beneficial.

GaP Solutions ezi-pos is very easy to learn, we researched and went back to the drawing board time and time again because as former retailers we know what it takes to motivate organisation wide adoption and how easy a POS should be to operate.

Thankfully, our user friendly UI means staff can be trained and using the POS within minutes of install.

GaP Solutions offers POS training and service support across hardware and software, every call is logged and attended to in a tracking system.