The bleary eyed early mornings every baker endures can now be a thing of the past thanks to GaP Solutions’ range of Retarder-Provers which are quickly becoming an essential piece of kit throughout the industry.
By programming your retarder-prover to precisely optimize the leavening process bakers are now able to knead the dough, shape it and mold it the day before then store it in the equipment on a retarding cycle.
At a pre-programmed time, the machine will switch to a proving cycle and through a tightly controlled process of increased heat and humidity it allows the dough to be ready for baking at a more reasonable start time (you now can even preprogram your ovens to begin warming before you arrive as well).
Not only can you enjoy some well-deserved sleep ins for you and your employees but with a retarder-prover you will quickly realize a return on investment in reduced labour costs and increased productivity.
So why don’t you have a think, perhaps even write it down, about all the things you could do with an extra two hours every day then give the team at GaP Solutions a ring today.


Us bakers have never been more spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing equipment for our bakeries. Not only is there a variety of manufactures and suppliers producing top quality products but there are so many versatile adaptations of equipment to suit a range of different baking applications.

Recently we have noticed considerable discussion amongst the industry about the changing face of ovens and the shift from traditional to flexible and multi-purpose models. In trying to take some of the guess work out when choosing your next oven, we’ve summarized the main features and benefits of the various styles of oven available on the market today

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On Friday the 7th of April the annual IGA Awards of Excellence were held at Adelaide Oval to recognise the dedication, innovation and effort of independent supermarket retailers from across South Australian and the Northern Territory. For 25 years GaP Solutions have produly been supporting IGA and it's retailers and it was an honour to once again attend the night and mix with a deserving bunch of nominees and winners. From the team at GaP we would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners from the night and also the wider IGA community who continue to provide a high level retail option whilst supporting their local community and economy


2017 IGA Awards of Excellence SA/NT Winners 

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When dealing with high involvement purchases such as retail solutions and equipment, owners and managers must look further than the initial purchase price in order to evaluate true value.

In the age of extended trading hours and 7 day opens, before examining costings, retailers should begin by dissecting the after sales service being offered complimentary to the purchase. Even the world’s best software and equipment is bound to have glitches and teething problems – especially in new stores – and it’s in these times of fault which the true value of an offering becomes evident.

Bearing this in mind we have identified the four key reasons why after sales support is one of the most important considerations of a purchase process.