The start of the financial year for 2016 brings with it the initial rollout of the Australian Country of Origin labelling laws. Your Australian Country of Origin labels & Country of Origin Labelling Equipment is available here at GaP Solutions.

Australian Food Original Labelling Laws Effective July 1st 2016

Toshiba has written a wondeful article on GaP Solutions partnership with Toshiba Global and utilising their top tier, highly functional, very affordable Toshiba TCx Wave Point of Sale (POS) systems for the recent Drakes Edwardstown supermarket rollout.

Toshiba article on the TCx Wave POS system sold by GaP Solutions

Our scales for butchers, retail scales for retailers, seafood retailers, delis, supermarkets and any industry requiring accurate, powerful retail commercial scales have been updated!

ezi-scale retail scales by GaP Solutions updated for retailers

After 26 years in business All Bake Services have had to close its doors and is now serviced by GaP Solutions.

All Bake Services now serviced by GaP Solutions

GaP Solutions is proud to be the point of sale (POS) and Equipment supplier for Frewville Foodland. A big congratulations to the team on their recent award for "World's Best Supermarket International Reatiler of the Year."

Best supermarket in the world Frewville Foodland win award