Eloma Ovens Dinner at GaP Solutions

Tuesday 12th of July, GaP Solutions together with Eloma ovens hosted dinner for GaP Solutions customers across a range of industries.

The Eloma Genius combi oven touch panel interface closely resembles the user interface of the smartphone in your pocket. 

The frame itself is up to 5mm thicker than the competition, meaning the heat retention of Eloma ovens obliterates the competition.

Combi ovens by Eloma really do offer the all in one solution for baking, commercial cooking and more.

Eloma ovens dinner at GaP Solutions

Air flows in and out of the Eloma unit for clean, efficient air flow and heating of its contents. No mixing of flavours when cooking different food groups at the same time.

Eloma ovens Last20 feature means the last 20 cooking processes are logged for better usage tracking.

Multi connect means you can connect your Eloma oven via USB or LAN to customise the inbuilt programs for cooking preparation. Take the guess work out of cooking, make pre setting cook programs for everything from broccoli, to roast potatoes, filet mignon, roasting chickens with crispy skin, pork, lamb, and so much more. Up to 400 programs can be set within the Eloma Genius combi oven.

Multi cooking means you can cook different foods in different trays independently, setting different programs for the different trays of food.

It wouldn’t be an Eloma oven without its signature self cleaning feature. Stop wasting money on tablets and welcome the innovative self cleaning Eloma oven that prevent calcium build up and deep cleans without needing a staff member to hang around. Too often, last meals are foregone because kitchen staff don’t want to be waiting around longer then they have to cleaning the oven. With Eloma ovens self cleaning feature, last meals will be prepared as the chef knows they can simply push the self clean button and walk away.
You can even set self clean to happen during off peak period times such as overnight when energy is cheaper, this will help save you money on your bills with no disruption to food service.

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