Selling Fruit & Veg In Australia 

If you are selling fruit and vegetables by measurement, you need to know about Australia’s trade measurement laws.

Retailers are responsible for ensuring they are compliant at all times, and must satsify obligations including:


correctly labelled packages, including measurement statements and packer identification; 

net contents of a package are not less than the stated measurement 

measuring instruments for retail sales are approved and verified by a licensed technician 


If a retailer is found in breach of trade measurement laws they can be fined up to $180,000 per offence 


When using a measuring instrument such as a scale to sell goods, a retailer is obliged to ensure it is:

an approved type and suitable for its intended use;

verified by a servicing licensee or inspector; 

installed level and indicating zero before use;

positioned so customers can clearly see the measurement process;

kept clean and in good working order;

verified after each repair or adjustment