ezi rewards by GaP Solutions represents a complete loyalty program designed to cater to both customers and retailers with a simple interface and effective reporting tools. 

A Comprehensive Solution

By offering a customisable rewards program, ezi rewardsempowers retailers to develop a loyalty strategy which rewards customers based on preferences such as points for every dollar or shop with incentives such as store credit or vouchers for particular products.

The effortless process of ezi rewardsbegins with providing the customer with a card and receipt detailing how to establish an account. The receipt directs customers to a dedicated web portal where they activate their rewards card, this can even be facilitated with an in-store kiosk.  Customers can then immediately begin earing points. 

GaP Solutions handle every aspect of the process, from designing and printing your custom rewards card, constructing and hosting the ezi-rewardscustomer site, we can even manage digital campaigns to your list.

As with all GaP Solutions products, ezi rewards will integrate with the full suite of retail innovations such as ezi manager cloud to ensure retailers are as connected and informed as possible.

Customers are now driving trends by demanding more for less and better value.

Driving Growth

Loyalty programs should be seen as a key cog in delivering on customer expectations as they are one of the most efficient and effective ways to deliver end users a value-added service whilst also increasing a retailer’s income. 

By using a loyalty program in conjunction with an integrated digital marketing campaign, stores are able to reach customers with more engaging messaging and a greater likelihood of increasing the purchasing propensity of a customer.

Research shows that retailers with rewards programs will develop a more loyal customer base who shop more frequently and spend more in each shop. 

Intelligent Reporting

At the same time these businesses are gathering a mass of insightful customer data, allowing retailers to drilldown on emerging trends and shopping habits of their target market. 

Retailers can utilise this data to develop sales and inventory forecasts and to better shape multiple marketing strategies such as customised campaigns to target high value customer segments,

 incentivise disconnected customers to return or convert low value customers into increased spenders.


ezi rewards represents a complete loyalty program designed to cater to both customers and retailers with a simple interface and effective reporting tools.


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