We are proud to present the coming together of Bakers Delight and GaP Solutions to support Kickstart for Kids. With Bakers Delight generously donating their bread - they were going to need a slicer.  
On the 16th of August 2019, GaP Solutions presented Kickstart for Kids's founder, Ian Steel, with a Curlflow Moffat Bread Slicer 
KickStart For Kids is a not for profit organisation that helps school children achieve positive educational and self esteem outcomes through breakfast, lunch and mentoring programs. 


mike and ian

 GaP Solutions Director Mike Puczkowski (Left) and Kickstart for Kids Founder Ian Steel (right)                                                 


                                               Curlflow Moffat Commercial Bread Slicer



"KickStart for Kids was founded by Ian Steel, after mentoring young children in schools and noticing their poor behaviour and ability to learn. After researching the issue he discovered that many of the problems were caused by hunger. 1000’s of children were being sent to school each day without consuming any food, or having any food during the day. Schools reported that this was having a major impact on their learning ability, self-esteem and health.

Ian started a breakfast program in 2009 and noticed immediate results. Kids became happy, friendly, were able to concentrate and had a much greater ability to learn.

Today KickStart for Kids supports over 350 South Australian Schools, providing around 50,000 breakfasts and 10,000 lunches per week with 600 volunteers." (Kickstart For Kids, 2019) 

For more information - check out their Facebook and website below!