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June 2016: Toshiba Press Article

Toshiba article on GaP Solutions

Toshiba has written a wonderful article on GaP Solutions partnership with Toshiba Global and utilising their top tier, highly functional, very affordable Toshiba TCx Wave Point of Sale (POS) systems for the recent Drakes Edwardstown supermarket rollout.

View the article here: Drakes_TCC15019-USEN-00_v6.pdf


May 2016: ezi-scale update 2.3.4 has landed!

Updated Customer Accounts and Loyalty
• New campaign types for a customer loyalty program
• Extended gift card functionality in accounts

Updated Reports
• More information has been added to Financial reports for greater tracking
• Button added for Today's Report, so the most recent data is close at hand
• The Financial, Customers, Accounts and Loyalty reports have been updated and improved for overall speed & performance
• More information added to sales for better future estimations planning and reporting
• Fixed tax calculation

• Added "How many queued" to Now Serving section

Customer Vouchers
Added tracking functionality to customer vouchers

Changed how offline database stores information

Floating Operators & Discounts
Fixed issues relating to floating operators & discounts

Added "You Saved" value to receipts

Added formatting options to the Nutritional Panel

General Updates & Fixes
General updates & bug fixes to make ezi-scales even easier

April 2016: GaP Solutions now has a solely dedicated Bakery division

Allbake Bakery Baking Services Logo

After 26 years in business, Allbake services have had to close its doors.

Owner Greg Pitt has selected GaP Solutions as the company in the best position to maintain the high level of support his customers received. As a result, any Allbake customers will now be fully supported and serviced by GaP Solutions.

This means for GaP Solutions customers access to an entire bakery division solely dedicated to the baking sector and all things surrounding baking equipment and services.

A simple service call logging system that ensures your call is always visible to the dedicated support team means bakery customers will enjoy a greater level of support. Plus, Allbake technicians have joined a larger group of specialists to support all existing and new baking equipment.

This exciting move forward for Allbake customers will ensure an even greater product offering and an enhanced level of support and service with the same great smile! Whilst GaP Solutions customers now enjoy access to an even wider level of product offerings.

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March 2016: World's Best Supermarket "International Retailer of the Year"


GaP Solutions is proud to be the point of sale (POS) and Equipment supplier for Frewville Foodland. A big congratulations to the team on their recent award for "World's Best Supermarket International Retailer of the Year." Their attention to detail and modern aesthetic attracts thousands of customers every day to a world of exotic and hard to find produce and products, alongside their everyday essentials. As you walk into the store, you are met with a beautiful, timeless wooden table and a basket of apples, free for you to sit down and read the latest catalogue specials before browsing the store. As you peruse the shelves and beautifully presented produce, a pianist fills the atmosphere with arias akin to a relaxing, peaceful paradise. Before leaving the store through its cement swept driveway, be sure to grab a coffee and a small bite from Mr Nick's Kitchen & Coffee Bar - you won't regret it!

Frewville Foodland features Ezi-scales, traditional GaP Solutions POS systems and takes full advantage of our markdown equipment utilising boutique, custom made product labels.

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June 2015: New compact ezi-ticket system just launched!:

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The new model ezi-ticket is compact - easy to use, and has a smart design! Fully integrated with Gap Solutions grocery retail software Shop Ezi Office or run it in your store in 'stand alone' mode. The onboard ticket printer uses the same paper stock as your lane printer, so no need to worry about special size/type preprinted numbered ticket rolls. A stylish, functional solution for any business that has a queue management problem!

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March 2015: New Compact Bakery Printer system launched:

bky prntwithscrnimage reszcrpd 021 m2



Compact - fully interfaced with GaP in-store POS/BOS software or available in 'stand-alone' mode; this new development is pretty smart too! Comprehensive functionality allows your staff to print single labels, organise runs of multiple labels, a quick, simple change to bespoke labels including linerless label stock, a perfect addition to your bakery (or any other in-store label printing operation) and with a small footprint!

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January 2015: ezi-pos and ezi-manager CLOUD released!

Another new software development is now available from GaPs' Innovation Team; the team leaders and the software development team have put about 4 years into this development that offers retailers across all market sectors (outside of warehouse hosted systems such as IGA/Foodworks/SPAR etc.) and gives the retailers a very low-cost POS system that is fully functional with all the POS features required to run your store exactly how you want it. Even better is the back office system - it's ezi-manager CLOUD, and as the name suggests, it's a CLOUD based system that you can access from any web-enabled device, from anywhere at any time! Now that's really keeping you in control of your business!

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