POS Systems

Customized systems that are second to none. Our business is based on a point of sale system that satisfies all of your needs, is easy to use, highly configurable and can be personalized to fit your requirements.

Fuel POS

We offer a fuel POS system that gives our customers everything their fuel site needs plus more besides; full of features such as on-screen customer advertising display, special item promotions, user definable categories and product hot keys; the software is durable and stable, easy to use and understand with the added bonus of being very affordable. 


The POS system gives quick efficient processing so customer throughput is optimised, the ability to operate as a seperate system from the BOS (back office system) so the failure of the store network or the back office PC will not cause the POS to stop operating, you can handle up to 5 concurrent sales per POS, split tenders and set up unlimited PLU's. In fact our POS solution has all the features you'll need - click the link below to see a comprehensive list of the key functions.


The BOS has a 'control panel' that shows the staff the status of the POS communications, throughout the BOS there are useful 'wizards' that are available to help staff use the system effectively, simple user guides in PDF format are readily accessible. You'll have all the important functions within the key categories such as administration, inventory maintenance & management, fuel management and extensive reporting.


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