POS Systems

Customized systems that are second to none. Our business is based on a point of sale system that satisfies all of your needs, is easy to use, highly configurable and can be personalized to fit your requirements.


Since it's inception in 2016, we have been hard at work to provide our partners with not only the best fuel solution on the market but the most affordable. With a dedicated development and support team, we actively listen to our partners and improve in areas that they want to see improvement in. We offer a fuel POS system that gives our customers everything their fuel site needs and more!

Full of features such as on-screen customer advertising display, special item promotions, user definable categories and product hot keys; the software is durable, stable, easy to use and understand with the added bonus of being very affordable. Identify your sites strengths, weaknesses and opportunities with the integrated reporting module. 

Made For Fuel

Through rigorous research and development, ezi-forecourt empowers fuel retailers with a plethora of relevant information. View in real-time, dispenser control and graphical pump display that allows for over 50 dispensers to be displayed. The clear animated operator prompts along with audio reduces the number of steps required for operator actions, maximising speed & minimising operator errors. ezi-forecourt allows you to authorise, pause, stop, lock and unlock all pumps or individual pumps. ezi-forecourt supports automatic reading of tank gauge information and deliveries; data that is not automated can be manually entered quickly & easily. The automation throughout the system vastly improves transaction processing. 

Point Of Sale:

The Point Of Sale (POS) system processes quickly and efficiently, leading to decrease on customer wait times. ezi-forecourt gives you the ability to operate as a seperate system from the BOS, so that failure of the store network or the back office PC will not cause the POS to stop operating; and keep your business operational. Operators can handle up to 5 concurrent sales per POS, split tenders and set up unlimited PLU's. Managers can create custom POS screens, decide what staff can and can’t do, mix and match promotions, coordinate receipt marketing and so much more! 

In fact our POS solution has all the features you could possibly need!

Back Office System:

ezi-forecourt utilises ezi-manager cloud (EMC) for a complete Back Office System (BOS) or Head Office System (HOS) real-time wet-stock management solution. The BOS has a 'control panel' that shows the staff the status of the POS communications, throughout the BOS there are useful 'wizards' that are available to help staff use the system effectively, simple user guides in PDF format are readily accessible. You'll have all the important functions within the key categories such as administration, inventory maintenance & management, fuel management and extensive reporting.

Any Device, Anywhere in the world! 

ezi-forecourt back office/head office systems and reports can run from any internet connected device anywhere in the world. Accurately display real-time information on wet stock, margins, leakages & drive aways. Protect your margins with a repertoire of profit building tools complete with alerts and notifications. Achieve a holistic view of your value chain from import to sale!  


ezi-forecourt integrates directly with your CCTV for additional security. ezi-forecourt provides a range of data surrounding critical event and interface all the information with relevant images recorded by the integrated CCTV in the forecourt, inside the aisles, in different departments and at the POS. 


Implement the latest and greatest in interface technology such as ePay, touch networks, bump screens, loyalty programs, local accounts, accounts integration, labelling and integrated EFTPOS including Fuel Cards. 


Using the latest in Portable Data Entry (PDE) software, Omnia Mobile, operators can check, update and input information into your back office from the shop floor. Request shelf labels and talkers; identify inactive products; check stock and send the information to the back office/head office. 


If you would like anymore information on our Fuel solution, please do not hesitate to get in touch or download the ezi-forecourt brochure below. 


No matter your situation - we have a solution for you!



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