Bread you could bake with industrial bakery equipment


From commercial bread production to artisanal pastries, GaP Solutions supports bakers of all kinds across Australia with leading brands, expert knowledge and a large selection of commercial bakery machines and equipment. Whether your bakery requires an oven, a mixer or even specialized plant GaP Solutions have the product for you.

LM Series Cutter/Mixer

LM5 8 CutterThe Model LM series Cutters/Mixers are equipped with heavy duty motors for fast and efficient chopping, emulsifying and blending.


Product Details

  • Manufactured in anodised aluminium and stainless steel to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids.
  • Safety interlock switches shut down the machine if the bowl and safety cover are not in place.
  • Chops all types of meat, paté, terrine, meatloaf, etc.
  • Emulsifies all types of sauces, mayonnaise, pureé, creams, etc.
  • Manual wall cleaner to push product down into bowl.
  • Motor includes thermal overload protection.
  • The Cutter/Mixer includes a self-braking motor that stops blades in 3 seconds after opening the lid.

LM CutterMixer Specs

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