Ishida ASTRA Economical Weigh/Label Printer

Astra-Price Computing-Ishida1Astra incorporates an ergonomic design that successfully delivers customer convenience. Further enhancing operation are the Astra's bright, easy-to-read displays, easy label loading feature, and user-friendly keyboard design


Product Details

  • Standard Weighing Capacity: 15kg/6kg x 5g/2g
  • 88 Pre-set PLU's
  • A convenient sideloading label door makes replacing rolls incredibly easy.
  • User friendly keyboard design.
  • Easy to read Operator & Customer display.
  • Unique, yet simple software tool that allows quick PLU editing using a PC. In addition, the configuration parameters can be saved to a PC for safe backup.
  • Eye-catching point of purchase labels.
  • Unique PC Interface Software.

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