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From commercial bread production to artisanal pastries, GaP Solutions supports bakers of all kinds across Australia with leading brands, expert knowledge and a large selection of commercial bakery machines and equipment. Whether your bakery requires an oven, a mixer or even specialized plant GaP Solutions have the product for you.

Tagliavini Deck Pizza Oven

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MODULAR PIZZA Tagliavini offers a vast selection of ovens for baking traditional pizza, pizza-by-the-slice, farinata (chick-pea flour flat bread), focaccia and related products 

with short, intensive baking times at high temperature. The only way to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of this unique dish esteemed the world over. High quality standards the result of on-going research into materials selection and technological development, together with our exclusive system of electronically-controlled electrical heating, guarantee top performance levels at low-level consumption rates.

Perfect heat distribution inside the baking chamber and excellent temperature maintenance each and every time.

Tagliavini Pizza oven




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