Bread you could bake with industrial bakery equipment


From commercial bread production to artisanal pastries, GaP Solutions supports bakers of all kinds across Australia with leading brands, expert knowledge and a large selection of commercial bakery machines and equipment. Whether your bakery requires an oven, a mixer or even specialized plant GaP Solutions have the product for you.

330IK Manual Heavy Duty Gear Drive Slicers

330IK SlicerThe 330IK manual slicer is a heavy duty powerhouse that takes the hard work out of slicing. An ideal slicer for caterers, medium/large kitchens and delicatessens.

A large receiving plate, precision slicing action, and a full suite of safety features make the 330IK one of the most functional on the market.

Product Details

  • Manufactured in anodised aluminium and stainless steel to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids.
  • Self contained inbuilt and shielded sharpening device.
  • Micrometric thickness controlallows for cutting of slices from 0 to 24mm.
  • Fully-guarded blade and meat tray.
  • Power switches are low voltage for added safety.


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