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MK1 Band Saw

MK1 Band SawThe Barnes MK1 Blademaster bandsaws are fully designed and manufactured in Australia, and undergo extensive quality control procedures to ensure a quality product, compliant with current stringent standards of relevant regulatory authorities.


Product Details

  • Bandsaw Blade 3600 x 13mm x 3tpi (teeth per inch)
  • Band Saw manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Upper and lower pulleys (wheels) are completely enclosed by readily assessable.
  • Blades are guarded above and below the cutting zone, wrap around top blade guard.
  • Safety door interlock to ensure the machine will not operate with the doors in open position.
  • Machine ceases to operate within approx 5 seconds of power being turn off.
  • Start and stop buttons mounted at waist height on front of table.
  • Extra latch in, twist to release, emergency stop button.
  • Adjustable polyurethane feet for maximum stability.


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