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From commercial bread production to artisanal pastries, GaP Solutions supports bakers of all kinds across Australia with leading brands, expert knowledge and a large selection of commercial bakery machines and equipment. Whether your bakery requires an oven, a mixer or even specialized plant GaP Solutions have the product for you.



MG95 MincerThe MG-95 HYBRID is a very versatile machine perfectly adapted for a variety of uses and methods of work.  This is a unique and innovative machine for the
meat industry (patent pending), since no machine exists that combines the features of a mixer-grinder with a sealable tilting bowl that can be easily emptied.

Product Details

  • Constructed completely in stainless steel.
  • Provided with digital programmer to perform up to 10 mixing / kneading cycles.
  • Mixing paddles easily removed without tools
  • Combines the features of a mixer-grinder with a sealable tilting bowl that can
    be easily emptied.
  • Bowl Capacity of 65kg.
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INT90The INT90 Tenderiser has been designed to produce "fillet" results from less valued meats. Hundreds of small blades penetrate into the meat, cutting the muscle fibres, making it tender and succulent during the cooking process.


Product Details

  • The INT90 is manufactured in anodised aluminium to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids
  • Blades stop when protective cover is raised.
  • High mouth position and lower blade enclosure ensure operator safety.
  • Reversing switch.
  • The clear protective cover of the INT90 allows the operator to keep an eye on the meats being processed.
  • Optional unique Stir Fry cutting group slices meat into strips perfect for oriental cuisine.
  • A fan-cooled option (INT90FC) provides forced ventilation and cooling to the motor for heavy duty applications.
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MK1 Band SawThe Barnes MK1 Blademaster bandsaws are fully designed and manufactured in Australia, and undergo extensive quality control procedures to ensure a quality product, compliant with current stringent standards of relevant regulatory authorities.


Product Details

  • Bandsaw Blade 3600 x 13mm x 3tpi (teeth per inch)
  • Band Saw manufactured in stainless steel.
  • Upper and lower pulleys (wheels) are completely enclosed by readily assessable.
  • Blades are guarded above and below the cutting zone, wrap around top blade guard.
  • Safety door interlock to ensure the machine will not operate with the doors in open position.
  • Machine ceases to operate within approx 5 seconds of power being turn off.
  • Start and stop buttons mounted at waist height on front of table.
  • Extra latch in, twist to release, emergency stop button.
  • Adjustable polyurethane feet for maximum stability.
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SuperSS WrapperThe slim line, bench top SS Superwrapper can be used in bakeries, greengrocers, butchers, hospitals and all other food packaging areas. The SS gives you a great way to display your goods to their best advantage. It is simple to use, requires very little maintenance and is always ready when you need it.  Minimises packaging time. Maximises output.


Product Details

  • Plugs direct into any 240V power outlet.
  • Separate switches for the sealing hot plate and cut of wire.
  • Internally fused for full protection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Approx. Dimensions: 525 x 670 x 110mm
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The Jumbo 35 is made completely from stainless steel, has a deep drawn vacuum chamber with rounded corners for optimum hygiene, is easy to operate, clean and maintain. 












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WS25 ColourThe WS features one simple touch screen that controls both the weighing and wrapping functions. The operator simply selects a PLU and tray size then feeds the tray into the machine and while it's being wrapped the next tray can be weighed, ultimately speeding up pre-pack operations.  Up to 25 packs per minute can be wrapped & labelled with the entire machine designed to minimize operator movement & fatigue.


Product Details

  • Weighing capacity 6kg x 2gm
  • 10.5" Colour Touch Screen.
  • Output approx. 25 packs per minute
  • Manual label application.
  • Film holder for one roll.
  • Can be connected to back office operations.
  • Fully automated option available (WA Series)

NG1An ergonomically designed unit with the operator in mind with the sealing pad set a minimal depth from the scale, eliminating the need for operators to bend over the work surface. Cleanliness and hygiene is assured as the NG1 framework is constructed in stainless steel.  Based on Ezi-scale software, the NG1 is designed to provide functions to hi-speed pre-pack operations.


Product Details

  • Adjustable 12" Operator screen & Printer.
  • Print nutritional information; allergens & country of origin on labels.
  • Produce markdown and "dump stock" using  the same process as the Ezi-scale
  • Real time packaging totals displayed on screen keeps operators up to date.
  • When operated in pre-pack mode the label is held until taken by the operator allowing the next label to present & peel.

ELIXA XP 2The new series ELIXA wrapping machines (XP, ZX) has been conceived with the aims of providing a better solution for stretch wrapping of fresh meats and food, higher reliability and a longer product shelf life further to require really low maintenance intervention.  The Elixa® series machines are completely automatic: they electronically read the trays and product dimensions as soon as the product lays on the machine in-feed, the, and by a specific software they choose the best wrapping program. The machine parameters are immediately arranged to the choice, giving back the product perfectly wrapped to the operator.  Used in butchery, poultry, fish, fruits and vegetable and delicatessen departments.


Product Details

  • Modern and functional design.
  • Footprint limited to the four feet of the frame.
  • Modern and functional design
  • Productivity from 14 to 35 packs/minute.
  • Wrapping with or without tray.
  • 4-direction film stretching, a patented system which makes the machine unique in the world.
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B10 Planetary Mixer

The Grange Range of Planetary Mixers is a multi-speed and multi-function kitchen mixer with a gear driven motor made with solid construction for a powerful, safe and versatile commercial mixer.


Product Details

  • 10; 15 & 20 litre bowl capacity's available.
  • 10lt Max Dry Ingredient = 2.5kg
  • 15lt Max Dry Ingedient = 3.5kg
  • 20lt Max Dry Ingredient = 5kg
  • Included attachments - Wire Whisk; Dough Hook & Flat Beater.
  • Variable Speed with gear driven planetary action.
  • Bowl with Cage Safety Guard
  • Easy to use.
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550e WrapperThe slim line manual wrapper is a must for use in all sorts of food packaging operations such as bakeries, greengrocers, butchers, sandwich bars also commercial and institutional kitchens.  an ideal solution for your food preparation operation, suitable for back or front of house the unit is simple to use and is low maintenance.


Product Details

  • Quick simple packaging process saves time - Maximises ouptput.
  • Seperate controls for hot plate & film cutter bar.
  • No special power requirements.  Internally fused for full protection.
  • Stainless steel constuction provides a hygenic & easy clean surface.

Bench Wrapper Spec

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