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butcher scale the ezi scale f by GaP Solutions

We’ve developed ezi-scale to fit a range of profiles, so you are guaranteed a great fit on any counter space.

Large 10.1” touch displays mean our user interfaces are easy to use and make for quick processing out the back of your store, whilst out the front, our friendly software contributes to an overall pleasant purchase cycle for your customers.

Conversely, our 7” TFT technology customer displays will keep your customers informed, whether it’s displaying weight, price, or even your own advertising videos, images, slideshows and more. Reach customers close to their point of purchase, at your counter! Your customers are already standing at your counter ordering what they need, why not upsell, cross-promote and entice them with what they want? Need to clear some stock or push a particular product, at the counter is the time to tell them. Promote daily specials or upsell items to your customers with your very own customer display advertising and sell more!

stainless steel retail Seafood scales Butcher scale the ezi scale i stainless steel by GaP Solutions

All ezi-scales are designed with you in mind. This means we manufactured our ezi-scales for quick and easy cleaning. We created a food grade platform surface that’s trouble free for removing stains and scraps.

Our ezi-scale stainless steel I model boasts IP65 water & dirt resistance for the toughest of butcher, seafood and deli operations.
Your ezi-scale operator and customer displays are frameless for maximum cleaning efficiency, spend more time selling and less time cleaning.

Our research and development team tested and revised the perfect load plate for optimal ease of handling. We tested each concept with retailers across a multitude of industries, and together with their feedback we went back to the drawing board time and time again. Now, we’ve landed on the ultimate easy to clean hardware incorporated into your ezi-scale.

Inbuilt and separate printer options enable paper rolls to be changed in a matter of seconds, with minimal fuss. Selected ezi-scale models (F, S, H) come with an inbuilt 3-in-1 all-purpose printer for ticket, linerless and label printing.

Whilst the ezi-scale I model comes with its own standalone printer. As an ezi-scale user, you can use paper as wide as 80mm and roll length as long as 80m with print speeds up to 100mm per second. Label layouts can be on pre-printed linerless paper to incorporate your own stylised fonts and your very own logos, for use as label & receipt printing.

Your ezi-scale is smart, sleek and adaptable. Its inbuilt tilt compensation means your ezi-scale will deliver accurate and balanced weighing results on uneven surfaces. Accurate measures even when the scale is not leveled, ensuring you no loss of revenue, your ezi-scale can do that!

Seafood scales for retailers by GaP Solutions the ezi scale S

Your scales are an important element in comprising the ambience of your store, your scales contribute to the ‘flow’ that your customers experience when they make a purchase.

Easily add or take away a few more grams of product to your ezi-scale platform and your ezi-scale automatically recalculates on the spot – it’s this attention to detail and the overall user experience that separates us from the competition.

Keep a stainless steel ezi-scale I out the back for easy cleaning, whilst showcasing your dual screen ezi-scales out front for keeping customers in the know, and receptive to your customer display showcase advertising. Use rich media advertising such as video and image slideshows to entice and up-sell your customers.

Remember, if the last experience your customers had is a frustrated scale operator, working with a poor quality system that is slow to respond then you might have a problem bringing that customer back for repeat purchase.

The full colour operator touch screen is one of our most talked about features of the ezi-scale series. Over 400 configurable ‘quick keys’ means you can shortcut to your most used features and products.

The onboard processor we’ve incorporated will ensure optimum performance and perfect graphics with minimal power consumption.

Our scales were designed with you, your staff and your customers in mind; so we knew we had to include the ability to create product specific screen layouts which you can then decide and restrict what your staff can and cannot do. Don’t worry if you’re not an IT expert, we’ll do it for you!

RFID capability enables instant operator ‘log in’ via the operator’s wrist band. Each staff member is issued an RFID equipped wrist band which they tap before starting a sale, this identifies the operator and ensures the correct permissions and features are in place for them to initiate a sale.
Our ‘Floating Operators’ feature means an order currently in progress moves from scale to scale with the operator automatically.

Deli Retail & Supermarket Scales by GaP Solutions with the ezi scale H

Your ezi-scales are completely customisable, as they should be. Unlike the competition, one size fits all is NOT the approach we take when supplying your ezi-scale. We want to understand your setup, what you want to achieve and how you plan to use your ezi-scale. Your ezi-scale can operate as a labelling scale & printer setup, or as a complete receipt printing point of sale system.

Operators can create ‘scale zones’ so that any settings created for one scale in a given zone are automatically updated on all other scales in the same zone.

Supervisor protection means ‘price overrides’ are available when you need them. Flexible user groups allow variable permission levels for different operators.

scales for butchers scales for retailers ezi scale functionality

Adaptability & integration go hand in hand with your ezi-scale. Easily integrate Eftpos as an option when utilising ezi-pos software for handling your orders.

When you integrate your ezi-scale with ezi-pos you open up access to ezi-rewards, your very own customer loyalty program where your customers earn points and get rewarded encouraging repeat purchase. You also receive your very own email communication tool for promoting special offers and news to your customer base. Most importantly, you receive reports on your customers; who haven’t returned, who has been purchasing, who has bought certain products, customers with outstanding rewards and so much more. Your loyalty cards and customer sign up & login portals are all completely customised to include your company logo and match your company colours, fonts and style so the experience feels completely native to your customer.

Add ezi-ticket integration to your ezi-scale setup, our state of the art take a ticket customer queueing system with network ticket printers and “now serving” audio integration for bringing structured order to your customer queue.

Your ezi-scale can operate as a stand-alone machine or networked with other ezi-scales for seamless cross-functionality such as the ‘Floating Operator’ and ‘Scale Zones’ memory features that makes all your ezi-scales work in unity.

If you so desire, numerous ezi-scales can also be connected to a shared labelling machine or receipt printer with central cash draw/s depending on your setup and how you envision using your ezi-scales.

We are always adding new features and improving your ezi-scale user interface. Your ezi-scale receives over the air updates, meaning updates to features and functionality are pushed out automatically by us once we’ve developed and tested the updates.

GaP Solutions doesn’t believe in wastage and neither should you – your bottom line is vital, which is why perishables wastage control using our ‘Markdown’ and ‘Dump Stock’ features ensure you’re always maximising profit wherever possible.

Speaking of wastage, we must mention our power saving functionality built into every ezi-scale so that when you’re not selling or preparing for selling, your ezi-scale isn’t costing you money.


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