Bread you could bake with industrial bakery equipment


From commercial bread production to artisanal pastries, GaP Solutions supports bakers of all kinds across Australia with leading brands, expert knowledge and a large selection of commercial bakery machines and equipment. Whether your bakery requires an oven, a mixer or even specialized plant GaP Solutions have the product for you.



High precision in dosage and temparature

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IBE Bench Bread Slicer

IBE Bread Slicer

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Able to mould dough sizes from 30 to 950 grams in size
Able to produce a large variety of products-including flat products e.g. Pizza bases, Foccacia, Ciabatta etc
Compact in size, ideal for space saving

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  • Semi or fully automatic
  • Comes with 3 moulding plates
  • Up to 3600grams dough capacity (120 units)

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Divides 3-16kg of dough (150-800g Units)
Easy operation
Double lid lock
Round dough bed for ease of equal dividing
Nylon castors for easy mobility, two locking on front
Protective cover over motor and electrical switches
Easy access via safety interlocked panels front and rear to inside of machine for cleaning and maintenance
Clearly visible oil level on reservoir tank
Sieve in bottom of machine to catch any crumbs from dividing dough
Dimensions 660 x 730 x 1160mm (W x L x H)
2HP motor
3 Phase 4-pin 10 amp plug top supplied

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IBE Spiral Mixers features include:

  • Fixed bowl, 2 speed and bowl reverse
  • Manual or automatic mixing settings
  • Easy to use press button operation panel
  • Bowl guide wheels fitted
  • Emergency stop button
  • Automatic shut-off with guard up

IBE Spiral Mixer

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The Hobart range of planetary mixers ranges from 20 quart to a Heavy Duty 140 quart planetary mixer

IBE Planetary Mixer Range

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