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Powerful Performance

EM Pos Server

Powerful Performance

EM Pos Server will provide the following benefits to your stores’ system:

  • Allow cloud sync services to send data to the store.
  • Sales update to EM Cloud™ services every minute.
  • Faster, secure connectivity to all printers within the store to print talkers and shelf labels from cloud printing services.
  • Pos lane connective to EFTPOS server.
  • Pos lane updates from a cloud-based database.
  • PDE Updates from the cloud-based database.
  • Allow for communication from scale server for 3rd party scales ie, Wedderburn/Ishida/Avery.
  • Acting as a backup server for all store cloud data and system settings backed up to the second drive via backup.
  • Data export for scan data and other external system requirements.
  • Faster access to GaP Support via TeamViewer, illuminating any interference with daily operations.
  • GaP system can be separated from store system for security reasons if required by utilising the EM Pos Server functionality.

EM Pos Server

Kit Includes

  • EM Pos Server
  • Back-Up Software
  • GaP Keyboard and Mouse
  • 3 Year On-Site Warranty

d 11.5cm w 11.5cm h

Near zero footprint

Powerful performance

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