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PROFIX Glasswasher Gastronomy

Are you a restaurant or café owner looking for an efficient and reliable glasswasher? Look no further than the PROFIX glasswasher with its double rack system. Designed specifically for use in gastronomy, this glasswasher will make cleaning your glasses a breeze. Meet this great front door glasswasher with optional double rack.

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EXOMAX 702 Utensil Washer Gastronomy

The Hobart EXOMAX 702 is designed specifically for gastronomy, making it the top choice for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and any other food service establishment. With its powerful cleaning performance, this utensil washer will save you time and effort by effectively removing grease, grime, and even stubborn food residue from your kitchenware.

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PROFLUX Utensil Washer

The Hobart Proflux front door utensil washer is designed to give you perfect wash results every cycle. It is suitable for washing all types of pots, pans, and bakery racks with ease. With its powerful cleaning capabilities and user-friendly design, it will become an essential part of your daily kitchen operations.

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ECOMAX Plus F515 Glasswasher

The Hobart ECOMAX Plus F515 glasswasher is a powerful and efficient solution for businesses in need of high-quality glassware cleaning. With its optional double rack system and double-walled housing, this glasswasher is designed to handle heavy loads and deliver exceptional results every time.

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Washtech Economy Compact Glasswasher – 365mm Rack – GE

W: 440mm D: 515mm H: 780mm
Volume: 0.25m3
Packed Weight: 35kg
Product Features
  • Rapid 1-minute glasswashing wash cycle
  • Washes up to 540 glasses per hour
  • Hot water consumption of 4.5 litres per cycle
  • Washtech Hybrid Controls
  • Reliable results through a lower wash/rinse arm with precision moulded jets and an upper rinse jet
  • Easy installation supplied completed with dual water supply hose (hot & cold), detergent injector with injector lines, 15 amp plug set
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Watermark approved backflow prevention
  • Comprehensive Moffat 5-2-1 warranty
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Washtech Professional Undercounter Glasswasher / Dishwasher – 500mm Rack

1, 2 and 3-minute quickstart cycles. Washes up to 1,080 plates/ 1,500 glasses per hour. Low hot water consumption of 2.2 litres per cycle. Advanced electronic controls with soft start wash and self-cleaning cycle.

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Washtech Front Loading Warewasher – 500mm x 600mm Rack

Versatile 2, 4 and 6-minute wash cycles. Large internal chamber with usable area W 565mm x D 600mm x H 750mm. Low hot water consumption of 2.6 litres per cycle. Double heavy-duty stainless steel filtration system.

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Washtech Wide Body Passthrough Warewasher – 500mm Rack

Large internal chamber with usable area W 1050mm x D 640mm x H 650mm. Autostart on hood closure 2, 4 and 6-minute wash cycles. Low hot water consumption of 4 litres per cycle. High-powered dual wash systems.

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