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Access Gates

Turnstiles – EasyGo

Motor-driven variable turnstile

  • Space-saving solution for assembly on walls or uprights
  • In compact stainless steel housing
  • Available with 2 or 3 arms

EasyGo turnstiles, compact design and variable uses. Efficient in use for many years for a wide variety of situations. For reliable individual entry separation with minimal space requirements. Release using a card reader, coin operation, operating panel, ticketing system or according to individual requirements, with coordinated channelling elements.

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Wanzl Entrance System – Ecoport

The classic entrance system for reducing inventory differences

  • Stylish and functional
  • High-quality engineering takes care of all safety and security issues
  • Individual and double-gate versions with intermediate and exit sections

Ecoport entrance systems from Wanzl have all the functions that you require in day-to-day use. Reliable operation, durable engineering, barrier-free access for all customers and anti-panic features as standard are a matter of course.

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Barrier Free Access – Galaxy Port

State-of-the-art technology for barrier-free access

  • Toughened safety glass swivel arms for passages up 1,200 mm wide
  • LED glass dome with integrated RFID reader
  • Sensor-controlled two-way direction detection, double-sided

Galaxy Port access points open in two directions, either via a control panel or an RFID reader integrated in the glass dome. The integrated sensor system detects in which direction the toughened safety glass swivel arm needs to open in.

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Wanzl Electronic LED Entrance System – Colour Gate

An electronic entrance system with LED lighting

  • Friendly customer reception in the entrance area
  • High level of protection against inventory differences
  • Accessibility and safety in case of emergency

ColourGate entrance systems by Wanzl are visual highlights in your store. The integrated LED lighting shows customers the way into the store in a friendly manner. Improper behaviour in the entrance area is indicated not only acoustically but also visually. This effectively reduces inventory discrepancies.

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Wanzl Swing Gates

Simply compact

  • Customer-friendly solutions for many areas
  • Can be used at an entrance or an exit
  • Mechanical design

Wanzl swing gates are characterised by a high level of workmanship, sophisticated and reliable engineering and the fact that they do not require any maintenance during long-term use.

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Wanzl Technoport Entrance System

Proven entrance solutions with many functions as standard

  • Multi-talented system to welcome customers and ensure safety
  • An eye-catcher with high-tech functions, including radar control, light barriers and an anti-panic feature
  • Barrier-free and can be used universally

Technoport entrance systems from Wanzl really have something to offer – for the safety of your customers and also for your own. A future-proof investment that will pay for itself in a very short time. Just make the comparison.

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Bumper Uprights/Bollards

Sturdy demarcation

  • Made from robust stainless steel
  • Fixed with base plate or assembly plate
  • Available in three different diameters

For protection and guidance at passages, automatic doors and gates, etc. Damage to buildings and fittings caused by transport trolleys and light-weight forklift trucks is effectively reduced.

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eGate Entrance and Exit System

The most intelligent system generation with multifunctional high-tech features

  • Automatic arm reset
  • Future-proof thanks to flexible software solutions
  • Swivel barrier made of toughened safety glass

eGate entrance and exit systems. Cutting-edge technology for regulating the flow of people at entrances or exits. Barrier-free passage with variable access widths.

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