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Meat Processing Equipment

Mainca Manual Burger/Meatball Formers

Different models are available depending on the diameter of the burger or meatball. Simply change the rotary mould plate. The remaining equipment is the same. Machines with more than one mould plate can be acquired if different diameters are required.

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Mainca Manual Sausage Fillers

Fully manual models. Ideal for homemade-type products (slaughter and hunting). Easily detachable for cleaning. With three operating speeds (two forward and one reverse). Maximum sealing between the piston and meat cylinder. The piston incorporates an air vent valve and is equipped with a silicone O-ring.

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Mainca Sausage Fillers/Stuffers

Strong and reliable hydraulic sausage fillers, ideal for the meat and /or food industry (with separate oil tank).Fixed cylinder with inner grinding and individual adjustment of each meat piston to ensure maximum sealing and precision.Speed and working pressure are easily adjustable through the adjustment knob. Automatic piston decompression on releasing the knee lever to shut off the output of the product through the nozzle.

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Brice Floor Mounted Meat Band Saw

Designed for safe, simple operation, the MAIBM3000JV floor-mounted meat band saw offers superior low-maintenance operation in processing plants, supermarkets and butcher shops.

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Brice Meat Tenderiser

The INT90 Tenderiser is a hard-working, heavy-duty* meat tenderiser machine designed to produce “fillet” results from less valued cuts of meat. The INT90 Tenderiser has been designed to produce “fillet” results from less valued meats.

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Brice Benchtop Meat Mincer

LNKDM Benchtop Meat Mincer is stainless steel and anodised aluminium construction to resist corrosion. The cutting group and funnels are made from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel. All components are radiused and reamed. Reduction gears running in oil bath; Reversing switch to clear blockages. Throughput – up to 120 kg/hr (DM12) Throughput – up to 250 kg/hr.

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Omats TS Series Heavy Duty Mincer

The OMATS Series Mincers are powerful, heavy-duty mincers ideal for large restaurants, catering kitchens, butchers and pizzerias.

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