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Bread Slicers

Curlflow Bread Slicer – 12.5 and 18mm Slice Thickness

Independent variable weighted pushers designed to suit soft and crusty breads. Twin frame unit fitted with two independent motors. Loaf guides incorporated into rear chute Emergency stop button.

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Silhouette2 Slicer – 12 and 15mm Slice Thickness – 1 Phase

Single wide frame unit fitted with single phase motor Loaf guides incorporated into rear chute 12 & 15mm slice thickness Single phase connection. Emergency stop button. Green start and red stop buttons.

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Paramount Bench Slicer – 12mm Slice Thickness

Bench mounted bread slicer 12mm thickness. Guarded for operator safety. Fitted with start/stop switch. Fitted with an emergency stop switch.

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Daub Continuous Bread Slicer

A 520mm wide working width (max loaf width). Slices up to 800 loaves per hour. Maximum slicing height 120mm. Slice thickness 12mm. Incorporated bag blower.

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