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Display Fridges

Cossiga BTG RF Tower Series Refrigerated

RF Series Tower Refrigiration

  • Heated double-glazed glass top, sides and front
  • Heated rear sub frame
  • Argon filled rear doors
  • Sliding rear doors ( RF6 Hinged)
  • Solid front or sliding front doors
  • Deck forced refrigeration
  • Three adjustable shelves – flat or angled
  • Ticket strips on shelves and base
  • Under shelf and canopy
  • LED lights Integral condenser
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Bakery Multideck Refrigiration and Display Solutions

High volume and efficiency in one stylish unit! Enhanced visibility with slimline LEDs and powered by eco-friendly R290 gas to make it even more energy efficient.

Cossiga’s innovative food display cabinets are manufactured from stainless steel and reflect the latest modular design and performance technology. You will find our heated, refrigerated, and ambient food display cabinets in the best espresso bars, high street cafés, coffee shops, bakeries, industrial cafeterias, convenience stores, and wherever quality food presentation and food safety are paramount. It’s unsurprising to hear our cabinets are considered ‘the best value cabinets when considering the style/functionality/reliability / price/service ratio’.

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Backbar Display Fridge Sliding Door – UBC210s


  • Locable double-glazed glass door
  • Digital controller and digital temprature thispaly
  • Dynamic fan-forced cooling system with automatic defrosting
  • Black steel external finish and internal aluminium finish
  • Shelf material: chrome-coated steel
  • LED internal light
  • Ambient temperatures from 16 degrees Celcius to 38 degrees Celcius
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Upright Display Refrigirators – DC100P


  • Locable double-glazed doors with handles
  • Digital controller and digital temperature display
  • Dynamic fan-forced cooling system with automatic defrosting
  • Plastic-coated steel shelves
  • LED internal lights
  • Refrigerant R134A
  • Ambient temperatures from 15 degrees Celcius – 38 degrees Celcius
  • Castor wheels
  • White steel external and internal finish
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Counter Top Square Cake Display Fridge – CTC120S


  •  Digital temperature display and electronic controller
  • Dynamic fan-forced cooling system
  • Sliding door for easy access
  • Frequency/voltage: 50Hz/220-240 V
  •  Shelf material: chrome-coated steel
  • Top LED internal light
  •  Refrigerant: R600a
  • Ambient temperatures from +16°C to +32°C
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Counter Top Cake Display Fridge – CTC120


  • Digital temprature dispaly and electronic countroller
  • Dynamic fan-forced cooling system
  • Sliding door for easy access
  • Shelf material: chrome-coated steel
  • Top LED internal light
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Ambient temperatures from 16 – 32 degree celcius
  • Gross Volume 120l
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