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Spiral Mixers

Sottoriva Fork Mixer – 140kg

A 140kg dough capacity spiral mixer. Traditional mixer for any type of dough. Fixed stainless steel bowl. Two-speed operation. Fitted with wire grid safety guard. Equipped with a motorised bowl.

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Sottoriva Self Tilting Spiral Mixer – Prisma Series – 130kg

A 130kg dough capacity spiral mixer – tilt onto the bench. Patented breaker arm fitted. Two-speed spiral motor. Bowl reverse function and automatic change from low to high speed. Supplied with wire grid guard.

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Sottoriva Spiral Mixer – 60kg

A 60kg dough capacity spiral mixer with 38kg flour capacity. Fixed stainless steel bowl Patented breaker arm fitted. Two-speed operation. Fitted with wire grid guard and reverse bowl function.

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Paramount Spiral Mixer

A 25kg dough capacity with 12.5 flour capacity. Four lock-down feet and wheels. 2-speed electronic control panel. Micro-switch controlled bowl guard. Breaker bar fitted & wire grid guard as a standard feature.

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