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Retail and forecourt business face unique challenges and opportunities unlike other retail stores

Retail and forecourt business face unique challenges and opportunities unlike other retail stores

That is why EM Forecourt has been purpose-built to offer a wide range of solutions and services, allowing for a cohesive system for the industry.

Built for purpose

From in-store to the forecourt, EM Forecourt is a purpose-built solution offering up to the minute data filtering and reports, cloud-based back-office system, POS system, site controllers, foodservice solutions and payment devices – all designed with payment security and a busy environment in mind allowing you to make an informed decision. 

Fast, secure and reliable

With powerful processors in our POS systems and site controllers, boasting continuous front-end operations and unassisted recovery during network failure, you can rely on EM Forecourt solutions for the best uptime and reliability. 

Solution Driven

With extensive experience providing the most innovative and secure industry solutions, we understand the needs of convenience retailers.   GaP Solutions continuously improves, strengthens and expands our solutions to help you grow your business and bottom line.

Any device, anywhere in the world

EM Forecourt’s back office and head office system can run from any device, anywhere in the world.   View the accurate measure of wet stock, losses, leakage, theft and protect your margins with reports or profit-building tools complete with alerts.   Achieve a holistic view of your value chain from import to sale.


Made for Fuel

Forecourt Focused

The visual user interface is the key to mastering your EM Forecourt system.  It gives you dispenser control, real-time graphical pump status display and multi-line functionality to display up to 72 dispensers. The simple graphic user interface with clear icons and animated operator prompts,  including audio means, will reduce the number of actions required from the operator, maximising the operator’s speed and minimising the operator’s errors.

The pay pump integration means EM Forecourt give your customer more options.  Prepaid options with preset amounts integrated with EFTPOS means a customer can transact without an attendant during peak times allowing for more efficient processing of transactions. The system will enable you to authorise, pause, stop, lock and unlock all pumps or individual pumps. It supports automatic reading of tank gauge and pump meter information and deliveries; however, non-automated data can be manually entered quickly and easily.  The automation throughout the system improves transaction processing times. 


Hardware System Integration

Office Management Made Easy

EM Forecourt utilises EM Cloud™ integrated enterprise retail software for a complete back-office system or head office system for single or multi-store sites, providing complete wet stock management solutions.

*Formerly referred to as ezi forecourt

Our Features 

  • View your inventory processes, transactions and production costs, and pair them with deliveries from head office.
  • Fuel margins & calculated optimal retail pricing based on demand forecasting, fulfilment and management of sales, purchase orders and financials.
  • Real-time data on POS systems, store info & inventory levels will keep you informed.
  • Automated price changes from head office mean maximum profit even when stations are unmanned or attendants are busy.
  • Efficiently manage staff & permissions from the central back-office or head office system.
  • End-of-shift reports can be generated to chart differences between sales in volumes or amounts and analysed by POS, tanks and pumps.

Back Office System and Head Office System Features

  • Grade pricing
  • Dispenser operation mode control
  • Allocation limits
  • Dispenser total management
  • Tank inventory management
  • Cashier and attendant management
  • Reporting
  • POS console set up
  • Retail and hospitality operations
  • Menu deals, rewards and much more


EM Forecourt Display

EM Pos™

Improve your operational efficiencies with EM Pos™

Empower your staff with the right tools, improve operational efficiencies, and delight customers while encouraging repeat purchases. EM Pos™ has been developed to streamline the point of sale experience for both user and the customer.

Quality service can now be achieved with fast and accurate transactions with EM Pos™, with all staff adopting the same intuitive interface across all departments.


Faster Processing

Faster Processing

Configure and colour operator screens to suit your operation. A comprehensive ‘flip chart’ function allows image & text buttons to be created for a faster selection of products.

EFTPOS Integration

EFTPOS Integration

Integrate with a multitude of EFTPOS providers for greater accuracy and faster transactions.



Your own branded customer loyalty program, customer login, rewards options, members email platform, and extensive customer tracking reports with Ezi Rewards.

Refund and Exchange

Refund and Exchange

Refund & exchange functionality with configurable limits and manager authorisation. Plus, with financial reporting at the POS, immediate & accurate information by attendants is at your fingertips for quick access.

Receipt Marketing

Receipt Marketing

Docket marketing for the top and bottom of your receipts.

Customer Facing Screens

Customer Facing Screens

Duall customer-facing screens. Running advertising, specials videos, and animated GIFs while showing transaction processes and totals for customer viewing pleasure.



Customer charge account facility. Accept & process gift vouchers & coupons.

User permission

User permission

Make sections available only to managers & staff with access permissions for different employees.



‘Pop up’ messages help eliminate errors and notify staff. Lane pick-ups and excess cash notifications.

EM Forecourt

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