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After 26 years in business, All Bake Services has had to close its doors and is now serviced by GaP Solutions.


Owner, Greg Pitt has selected GaP Solutions as the company in the best position to maintain the high level of support his customers received and as a result, any Allbake customers will now be fully supported and serviced by GaP Solutions.

All Bake Services Adelaide has had the pleasure of leading the market for baking equipment, bakery supplies, bakery equipment repair and servicing, as well as commercial kitchen equipment. For our full range of Accessories, Automated Plant, Bagging/Sealing Closures, Bread Slicers, Combi Kettles, Cookers, Depositors, Dishwashers/Warewashing, Dividers, Donut Equipment, Moulders, Ovens, Pastry Sheeters, Pizza, Planetary Mixers, Provers/Retarders, Rounders, Spiral Mixers, Water Meters/Chillers, and bakery / baking service and support including repairs and callouts 24/7 visit our dedicated GaP Solutions baking division here

What this means for GaP Solutions customers is access to an entire bakery division, solely dedicated to the baking sector and all things surrounding baking equipment and services. Here’s our latest magazine ad for baking journals:

A simple service call logging system that ensures your call is always visible to the dedicated support team means bakery customers will enjoy a greater level of support. Plus, All bake technicians have now joined a larger group of specialists to support all existing and new baking equipment.

This exciting move forward for Allbake customers will ensure an even greater product offering and an enhanced level of support and service with the same great smile! Whilst GaP Solutions customers now enjoy access to an even wider level of product offerings.

Enquire now about our bakery supplies, baking & commercial kitchen equipment:

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