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According to RBR London reports relating to Global EPOS and Self-Checkout in 2020, Asia Pacific has shown a growth of 32% in Self-Checkout Shipments.

With the current international climate and COVID – 19 pandemic the shift toward self-service is even greater. The need to keep close interaction to a minimum between staff and customers as well as labour shortages in various regions internationally.

According to RBR, the self – checkout momentum will continue, the global installations expected to treble by 2025 to surpass 1.1 million. Alan Burt, who led the research, commented in the press release “ The COVID -19 crisis will only embolden long-standing and new self-checkout proponents alike to speed up expansion plans, with customers increasingly expecting such solutions as part of a wider array of checkout options.”

The range of suppliers offering self-checkout terminals is growing larger every year. In some countries, local vendors compete with global players, while a number of prominent retailers have chosen to develop bespoke solutions, including South Korea’s E-Mart, and Russian group X5 Retail at its Pyaterochka convenience stores.

Alan Burt, who led the research, commented: “With retailers investing more and more in self-service solutions, competition to supply retailers with self-checkout technology is becoming increasingly fierce, with new suppliers and innovative products emerging all the time”. 

Source: Global EPOS ans Self-Checkout 2020 (RBR London)

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