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Us bakers have never been more spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing equipment for our bakeries. Not only is there a variety of manufactures and suppliers producing top quality products but there are so many versatile adaptations of equipment to suit a range of different baking applications.


Recently we have noticed considerable discussion amongst the industry about the changing face of ovens and the shift from traditional to flexible and multi-purpose models. In trying to take some of the guess work out when choosing your next oven, we’ve summarized the main features and benefits of the various styles of oven available on the market today




Combi Oven:


  • A versatile unit suitable for a variety of uses.
  • A combination of steam and heat is used to achieve different product outcomes.
  • Perfect for use in a commercial kitchen.
  • Easy to use touch screen displays makes operation of the oven simple with minimal training.
  • Preset programs allow consistent cooking.
  • Self-cleaning allows the oven to keep the internals of the oven in good condition.
  • Also great for use in supermarket for chickens and a variety of other products.
  • Increase your product range through ease of use and pre-loaded programs.


Rack Oven:


  • Ideal for larger bakeries.
  • Capable of large productions. 
  • Achieves consistent bakes by rotating the rack inside the oven.
  • Perfect for doing a lot of the same or similar products. 
  • Quick processing time through being able to wheel in and wheel out racks, no need for unloading separate trays.


Deck Oven:


  • An essential part of any bakery.
  • Offer the ability to bake a number of different products at the same time with different settings on each deck.
  • Cost effective basic models with analog controls are readily available.
  • Digital models offer preset programs, making them easy to use for non-bakers
  • Pre-programming start up times can assure you oven is ready to go exactly when you want.
  • Energy efficient by only using the decks you need.



Speed Ovens:


  • Allow effective product heating in minimal time.
  • Perfect for bakeries heating pies as you need.
  • Helps reduce wastage and improve service.
  • Doesn’t compromise the product by reducing the time period it is heated.
  • Small footprint means they can sit on a bench top.
  • Programs allow ease of use for all staff members.
  • Great for fast paced environments where consumption levels are unknown. 

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