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With winter over and done with, and the public coming out of hibernation; stores are getting busier. Hotter days, more customers, longer shifts all equate to greater wear and tear on your equipment. The last thing you want this Summer is an equipment breakdown that disrupts your business operations.


Here is a basic checklist to ensure your equipment is up to scratch this busy period:

Cleaning your vent hood:

  • The ventilation hood is in close proximity to food and therefore keeping clean is a priority.
  • Certified hood cleaning service scheduled every 6 months.
  • Dependent on your situation, cleaning may need to be done more often.
  • Keep tidy in-between services by pulling apart and cleaning.
  • Don’t put any parts of the ventilation hood in the dishwasher.


POS System

  • Keep up to date with latest software versions
  • Wipe down after daily use (screen and underneath cash draw)
  • Ensure dust is kept to a minimum
  • Ensure WIFI connection is strong and stable and all modem cables are in good condition


Grease Filters

  • Must be routinely cleaned and inspected at a minimum once a week cleaned
  • Will extend the life of your equipment
  • Remove and immerse in degreaser and thoroughly scrub. Dry before putting back.


Fridges / Freezers / Ice Machines

  • Ensure proper ventilation is made available so that the compressor, condensor and refrigeration coils are not over worked.
  • Keep dust to a minimum as this can hinder air intake and overheat the unit
  • Thoroughly clean under and on top of the unit. This will aid the units cooling process and longevity.
  • DO NOT dry tea towels, polishing cloths, or anything else over the exhaust vent as this will overheat the unit.


General Tips:

  • Wipe down equipment as you go
  • Sweep, mop and scrub just about everything
  • Spray degreaser on greasy equipment exterior, interior and counters. Sit for 8-10 minutes and scrub.
  • Use industry standard cleaning products
  • Customers will perceive your store how they see it. Any consumer touch points must be clean and tidy.


Don’t be left high and dry with hefty service and call out fees this Christmas period. Ensure your equipment is healthy and good to go!

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