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Ezi Scale Model I

A medium profile countertop scale 7 “ display and an in-built all-purpose printer.


d 340 mm   

w 420 mm   

h 550 mm

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Ezi Scale Model SS

The Ezi Scale is a stainless steel scale designed for quick product selection and easy cleaning. With a comprehensive pre-pack mode and quick product select, the Ezi Scale is perfect for back of house operations.

d 370mm    

w 350mm    

h 535mm

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Ezi Scale Model H

A large profile countertop scale with a 10.1” touch display, 10’1” customer display and in-built all-purpose printer.

d 340mm     

w 420mm       

h 550mm

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Ezi Scale Model F

A compact countertop scale with a 10.1” user display, a 10’1” customer display and an in-built all-purpose printer.

d 440mm     

w 420mm    

h 211mm

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Ezi Scale Model S

A medium profile countertop scale with a 10.1” touch display, 10’1 “ customer display and an in-built all-purpose printer.

d 440mm   

w 420mm   

h 555mm

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Compact Bench Scale – OHAUS Valor 4000

The OHAUS Valor 4000 water-resistant food scale raises the industry standard through its touchless operations combined with unmatched speed, durability and choice of stainless steel or plastic housing designs. The large LED front and rear displays, certified food-safe design, and puncture-resistant keypads are more reasons for selecting the Valor 4000 as your premier scale for use in legal for trade dry or washdown environments. Both Non-trade & Legal Trade resolutions are available, and a food-safe washdown design that’s NSF Certified and supports HACCP Certified systems.

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Dual Range Compact Bench Scales – Ishida iPC Series

The IPC is a portable scale with a compact design. It allows users to measure the weights of items from 1 g to 30 kg. It is approved for NMI Trade Approved Use. Single & Dual displays are available. Perfect for use as a customer courtesy scale for fruit and veg and departments or bulk Pick-n-Mix areas.

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Carton Checking System – A&D EZI-Check

A&D new EZI-Check freestanding roller weighing systems can be incorporated into new or existing production lines allowing precise checking of cartons for missing or damaged products.

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Intelligent Checkweigher – AD-4961

The Ezi Check is our new high-speed in-line checkweigher used to weigh, classify & segregate products based on weight. It is Japanese designed to provide high-level performance, accuracy and reliability and can quickly adapt to your existing lines and needs.

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Checkweighing Scales – A&D FS-i

This A&D Warrior wet area check weighing scale performs best in product preparation and packaging environments. Its fully stainless steel construction ensures longevity in the harshest areas. Easy to clean and approved for trade by N.M.I. Australia.


  • High-speed weighing in half a second to increase your weighing efficiency
  • Legal for Trade to meet industry compliance
  • Quickly determine if weight is below, within or above target with built-in tricolour LED comparator lights and audible buzzer
  • Analog Sweep Display (ASD) is a visual indication of capacities and target weights, ideal for filling applications
  • Key Lock Function limits operators to the minimum required keys, preventing accidental changes or errors
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Platform Scales – A&D EM Series

EM Series – this value parcel scale provides high accuracy and durability—exceptional user-friendly rotating/tilting indicator with clearly visible white backlight displays.

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Platform Scale – A&D FG Series

The FG Series is a Bench mount or floor mount range of exceptional value platform scales. A choice of AC or Battery power operation.  Available in Trade & Non-Trade capacities.

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Washdown Scales – A&D SC/SE Professional

For use in hostile areas where a professional level of corrosion resistance is required, the SC/SE Series will stand up to the day-to-day rigours of wet area use. Suitable for the budget-priced purchaser who needs a good level of resistance to harsh environments.

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Analytical Balance Scale with Ionise -GX-224AE

Laboratory balances and scientific scales and instruments for most precision applications. This category covers microgram measurement, moisture analysers, viscometers, pipette testing tools and a vast range of balances and scales from a leading brand. The GX-224AE balance is a 0.0001 g readability model with an internal calibration function. This premium balance has an ioniser embedded in its breeze break for quickly eliminating static from the sample.

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Compact Bench Scale – A&D SJ-HS

A low-cost Bench Scale, the SJ-HS is ideally suited to any basic weighing application. Features capacities up to 12 kg available for Trade Approved use and up to 30kg for Non-Trade use.

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Retail Price Computing Scale – OHAUS Aviator 7000

The Aviator 7000 guarantees robustness, operating speed and accuracy whatever the retail environment.  The Aviator 7000 is available in a compact or tower model.

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Ishida INS100 Retail Price Computing Scale

The Ishida INS100 is an excellent choice for retail operations that do not require label printing. With its economical price and complete function, you can’t go wrong. With its TARE and ZERO functions and nine programmable PLU keys, you’ll be up and running in no time with the Ishida INS100.

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Ezi Take a Ticket

Our Take a Ticket System is fully integrated with Ezi Scale, so now you can pick up your next customer at any scale on the Ezi Scale network. Ezi-ticket improves ‘taking a ticket’ to a modern, efficient and customer-friendly retail experience.

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