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GaP Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of the new module for the industry leading Integrated Deli-Service System – Ezi-ticket

 this module provides a modern automated ‘take a ticket’ system that brings deli-counter customer queue management to a new level of simplicity and control. No more making sure the special pre-numbered paper ticket stock doesn’t run out – the ezi-ticket printer uses standard register receipt rolls; staff getting frustrated because they forget to increment the ‘now serving’ customer display screen? Not a problem with ezi-ticket because it’s synchronised with ezi-scale and all deli-staff can see the ticket numbers being served and which number is next in line, as soon as the staff member touches that number on the scale screen the system display that number as ‘now serving’; there’s an audio module option as well so the announcement is made automatically! Easy for staff, comfortable for customers – happy environment for all!


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