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 GaP Solutions, the leading provider of innovative and flexible point of sale (POS) solutions for Australia’s grocery and fresh food industries, is proud to announce the successful rollout of our EM Cloud™ integrated cloud-based POS software in all 12 Romeo’s stores and restaurants across New South Wales.

“Romeo’s faced a big challenge in converting from our current system, but after careful consultation with GaP Solutions, we knew that their integrated point of sale solution – EM Cloud™ was the best choice for our current and future needs. GaP Solutions wasted no time providing a project plan and delivering a seamless transition from start to finish. Romeo’s was initially concerned about the impact on our stores and staff, but thanks to GaP’s expertise, there was little to no disruption. The customers didn’t even notice! Romeo’s made the right choice in choosing GaP Solutions.” Joseph Romeo – Romeo’s Co-Owner

With the new cloud-based software, Romeo’s Group can streamline their operations, manage inventory better, and improve their overall customer experience. Jason Kouka, Romeo’s NSW Regional Manager, notes: “We will be able to respond quickly to customer demand, reduce overall costs, improve operations and better meet the needs of our customers. The new markdown features with use-by-date checking capabilities are also a great addition, as it helps us to reduce waste and improve our inventory management. It’s great to see that GaP Solutions are helping retailers be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

Our EM Cloud™ and EM Pos™ software is specifically designed for multi-store grocers, providing comprehensive reporting capabilities, auto-order and investment buy modules, and real-time inventory and stock control for more efficient retail operations. With this software, managers can monitor inventory levels, order products automatically, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Furthermore, EM Cloud™ and EM Pos™ allow multi-store grocers to reduce costs, streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks, and even reduce paper consumption by providing electronic receipts to customers.

“By upgrading Romeo’s self-checkout units’ software to our EM Pos™ self-serve software, the units were improved, reducing paper receipt consumption by approximately 90% and customer service speed by more than 20%. Our innovative solution contributes to a greener environment and provides cost savings and greater customer satisfaction rates.” John Goodacre – GaP Solutions

At GaP Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing effective and user-friendly software, combining state-of-the-art cloud storage backup technology with reliable installation services and hardware solutions so you can be up and running quickly. By investing in our EM POS™ system today, multi-store grocers can look forward to increased efficiency and cost reduction over time.

The installation team at GaP Solutions has been efficient and well-organized throughout the process, providing expert support and guidance to ensure a successful transition. Jason Kouka – Romeo’s, NSW Regional Manager, is confident that “our management and staff will love the new system as much as we do!”

At GaP Solutions, we are committed to delivering customer-centric service and 24/7 technical support to ensure the smooth operation of your business. Visit our website at or call us at 1300 123 456 to learn more about our innovative EM Cloud™ and EM Pos™ solution or request a demonstration today.

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