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Tiliter, GaP Solutions and Metcash have come together for the first time to give shoppers an efficient and safe shopping experience. The integration of Tiliter’s world-leading technology within the existing GaP Solutions infrastructure of POS and Self Checkouts has launched in some Metcash-supplied Fresh Pantry IGA stores. 

Launched in Fresh Pantry IGA Bondi and North Sydney, shoppers at self-checkouts no longer need to look up their fresh produce where Tiliter’s artificially intelligent cameras have been installed. The hi-tech feature means fresh produce items can be automatically recognised by built-in cameras, removing the need for items to be manually scanned or looked up via long menus by shoppers. For cashier-operated checkouts, Tiliter’s AI technology streamlines the entry of non-bar coded items, so cashiers can focus on the customer. The computer vision makes shopping for non-barcoded items easy, accurate and fast by automatically identifying fresh produce in under a second.

Tiliter Retail CEO Marcel Herz said: 

“We’re seeing that self-serve checkouts equipped with our item identification technology are delivering a positive, speedy and convenient experience. They offer the simplicity that consumers are looking for when they’re scanning fresh produce.

“Having AI item identification technology helps make the cashier’s job easier. This frees up their time so they can offer better customer service and customer engagement. Contrary to the idea that it’s taking away the job of a cashier, it actually makes their job easier and more enjoyable.

“Independent retailers like IGA can dramatically transform their customer experience via our AI/computer vision checkout solutions. Accessibility is important to us, and with very minimal infrastructure changes, every local supermarket can benefit from reducing the burden of manually entering non-barcoded items and gaining access to their unique transaction data.”

Metcash, General Manager New Channels, Paul Keaney said: 

“We installed the Tiliter system at two stores located in Bondi and North Sydney and to date have been impressed with how simple it makes Produce recognition for shoppers, which in turn speeds up the self-checkout process. Shopper feedback has been positive and kids love it too!”

Metcash, Head of Retail Technology, Pat Smith said: 

“We’re really excited to have trialled the Tiliter AI identification system in our Fresh Pantry IGA Bondi and North Sydney stores. We were introduced to Tiliter through our small-format concept POS partner, GAP Solutions, and we now have the confidence to promote the Tiliter solution to all our independent grocery retail POS partners and retailers. The Tiliter system will not only speed up processing time and accuracy at the check-out but ultimately reduce staff training time help facilitate picking orders for online shopping in the future and more importantly better serve our local customers”.

GaP Solutions, Director, John Goodacre said: 

“Since day one, it has been an exciting partnership with Tiliter in developing this AI solution for our POS users, allowing our client’s customers to benefit from a seamless checkout experience. Together we are delivering one of the best in its class solutions available in the world. Clients and customers feedback has shown an increase in accuracy and all-round easier and more enjoyable experience.”

As we re-enter the world, the computer vision enables a safer shopping experience. Covid safe environments are fast becoming a prerequisite for shoppers globally.


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