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Be Smart – Go from Paper to Electronic Shelf Labels

Product pricing for all retailers today is labour-intensive and costly, from special talkers for promotions and weekly price adjustments.

Electronic shelf labels have been around since the early ’90s. These original ESLs used a liquid crystal display similar to a calculator. They were limited in the number of characters and could only display price.

GaP Solutions’ new EM ESL (electronic shelf labels) solutions can do more than display price. We have invested in the R&D of this new product and have successfully integrated it with our EM Cloud™ and EM Pos™ point of sale system to offer a reliable solution for labour free ticketing.

By investing in and implementing electronic shelf labels, retail stores will experience the following benefits.


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With current ESL technology, more information can be displayed on each label, not just the price. From inventory information, special promotions, nutritional and allergen information, price, weight, country origin and QR Codes.­­ EM ESL units can store up to seven pages in each unit.


Helping save the planet is always a good thing.

Printing labels whenever you need to make price adjustments or replace damaged labels is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Paper and plastic labels are expensive and add to more waste. Adding an electronic labels system to your store will mean that you only need to invest in the units and no need for the ongoing cost of printers, print cartridges and special paper.


Be more accurate and save employees time.

Electronic pricing is easier to edit and more accurate as it is integrated with your point of sale system, avoiding incorrect pricing on shelves. Changes can be made in masse from your back-end office, and mistakes can be avoided rather than requiring manual changes.


Allow for dynamic pricing.

EM ESLs allow for dynamic pricing management. Making changes to your pricing is remarkably easy, so you can keep an eye on online or holiday prices and quickly make any adjustments in your store.


Reduce Wastage

EM ESL can help store owners selling perishable stock reduce product wastage. Using innovative pricing and adjusting pricing when stock is close to the end of life can save retailers and customers money while helping minimise waste.

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